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Download only is $24.95, CD plus download is $29.95. See our online store for more details and options.

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GenSmarts is a "one time" purchase - there are no reoccurring charges and we even provide free updates.

When you place your order with, you'll receive download instructions and a name/key to activate the software. If you purchase one of the CD versions, you're given both the download/activation instructions and we ship you the CD. The regular CD includes an hour tutorial that walks you through installation, configuration, and the GenSmarts user interface. The deluxe CD (an additional $5) includes an additional 2.5 hours of training and commentary on some of GenSmarts more advanced features. See our training page if you'd like more information on the training content. You can also use the CD as a backup of your purchase, to install on computers that have slow or no connections to the internet, to avoid the inconvenience of downloading and entering of those long activation keys, or to make it easier to restore your software after a crash or onto a new PC. With the CD purchase, you can choose to install now, or wait for the CD to arrive. While the training included on the CD's is not available for download, the the electronic manual can be downloaded free of charge this link.

Gift Orders... just follow the instructions on the checkout page in our online order system.